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venVelo is the premier early-stage venture fund in Florida for innovative companies seeking capital and mentoring

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About venVelo

A Venture Fund in Central Florida Identifying Growth Companies & Increasing Their Successes

The Individuals, the networks, and relationships they have created over their lifetimes are the foundation of venVelo’s strategy for raising money, identifying growth companies, and mentoring those companies to increase the likelihood of their success. venVelo also has donated money to a variety of organizations working to develop the Central Florida entrepreneurial ecosystem.

venVelo launched in 2012 and quickly established itself as one of the most active venture funds in central Florida. It was named the 2014 “Tech Investor of the Year.” In addition to its investments, venVelo board members have been frequent speakers, panelists, and venture competition judges around the state.

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The venVelo board consists of entrepreneurs with previous exits of over $200 million and executives with decades of experience in sales, marketing, HR, and finance. venVelo uses the skills and experience of its board to mentor the entrepreneurs it invests in.


venVelo is one of the most active early-stage funds in Central Florida. venVelo not only writes checks, but engages with the community through speaking engagements, donations, and networking as a leader in the Central Florida entrepreneurial community.

The venVelo Approach


venVelo prefers to work with early-stage pre or early revenue companies that can benefit from its mentorship. Coachability is one of the most important characteristics venVelo looks for when investing in an entrepreneur.


The venVelo board has spent lifetimes doing business in Central Florida and has syndicated deals with the top Central Florida venture funds. venVelo leverages its connections to fuel the success of the companies it invests in and grow the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.


The venVelo board prefers to act quickly. It knows entrepreneurs greatly benefit from quick investor feedback, as this impacts the decisions an entrepreneur must make.

Meet the venVelo Board

venVelo’s Board of Directors has considerable venture experience and multiple exits. Based in Winter Park, Florida, but with relationships with like-minded funds in Gainesville, the Space Coast, and South Florida, venVelo fills in any gaps its portfolio companies may have including management, marketing, sales and distribution, software development, and/or the next round of funding.

Andrew Albu

Board Member

Bill Lowman

Board Member

Bill Poellmitz Profile Pic

Bill Poellmitz

Board Member

Garren Work

Board Member

Terence Roberts

Board Member

Clayton Patterson

Board Member

Dave Brockway

Board Member

Richard Harem

Board Member

N. Michael Wolsonovich, Jr.

Board Member

Richard Licursi

Board Member

Peter McAlindon, Ph.D.

Board Member

John Caron

Board Member

Daniel M. Lyons

Board Member

Jonathan Molayem

Board Member

Portfolio Companies

These are successful Portfolio Companies of venVelo Ⅰ. Find out how your start-up may become part of the venVelo Ⅱ portfolio by filling out the application form

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How to Get Started With venVelo

First, understand your company’s needs and how they fit our investment strategy and goals. A self-evaluation based on your needs as well as the stage of your business is imperative to your success. Fill out the application form once you’re ready to pitch your start-up with our board.

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After we review your information, we’ll let you know if your pitch matches our investment philosophy. It usually takes us a week or so to get word back to you. If you are invited to pitch the board, there is no guarantee of funding. The Start-up Resources below may be of use to you in creating your pitch to venVelo.

Recommended Start-Up Resources

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  • legal-docs


Community Involvement

A big part of what we do at venVelo is to get involved. We believe to be successful, we all need to work together to develop, foster, and support our entrepreneurial community

  • Rollins College
  • Starter Studio
  • Florida Enterprise
  • Catalyst
  • Canvs

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